Console Remote Desktop (RDP) Connection

Console Remote Desktop (RDP) Connection

Remote Desktop (RDP) Connection


Most people know there are two remote desktop (RDP) connections for use on a server for administration purposes. However, many people don't know about the secret ‘third' RDP connection. This connection is called the ‘console' connection. As the name implies, the console connection is a RDP connection to the server's physical console. In other words, you can see what the guy standing at the server sees.

This is good for:

- Always being able to get a RDP connection to a server as this connection will kick off any existing console connection (the guy standing at the server will either be forcibly logged off or his screen will be locked). This is a quick fix when you need a RDP connection but the existing two virtual RDP connections are tied up.

- Remotely working with applications that have issues functioning in a virtual RDP connection. Some apps write directly to the console and if you're in a virtual connection, you won't see the message and think the app has locked up. This happens a lot with application installations over RDP so if you're attempting to install an app and it just stops… try using the console.

To use this:

Start > Run > mstsc /admin /v:YOURSERVERIP

This instructs the remote desktop application (mstsc.exe) to connect to the console session instead of a virtual one.

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